We are small by choice

We don’t have juniors. Not even middle-level positions. All our creatives are directors. All our account managers are account directors. All of them decision makers in their areas.

We are a group formed exclusively by high level professionals, with extensive experience in their fields, ready to work in your project. Hands-on.

No hierarchies, no bureaucracy. Yes, we want to be small.

Because being small is what allows us to offer a premium service, to produce world class creativity, to have a fast reaction when needed, to adapt better to your needs.

Being small means also not to chew more than we can swallow. This is why limiting the size of our clients portfolio is essential to maintain our good level. We put quality before greed.

And if eventually we feel that we need to get the help of a freelancer for your project, we won’t get a creative that is between jobs. We will get a top notch creative from our international network to work on it.

Yes, all boutique agencies are small, but not all small agencies are boutique.

We choose to be small, so that our work can be big.